COLA OF P22.00 must be included in Regular Holiday Pay

Wage Order and Minimum Wage by Atty. Elvin VillanuevaLabor law update by guest author, Atty. Elvin Villanueva

“COLA of P22.00 mandated in the Wage Order No. NCR-16 shall be included in the computation of regular holiday per DOLE Labor Advisory dated July 7, 2011.

Thus, the basic daily wage of P404.00 plus COLA of P22.00 shall be used as basis in computing for the regular holiday pay of covered employees. For example, X works for eight (8) hours on August 30, 2011, a regular holiday (Ramadan), his pay shall be as follows:

Basic Daily Wage: P404.00

COLA: 22.00

Total Hours Worked: 8 hours

Regular Holiday Rate: 200% if worked


P426.00 x 200% = P852.00

However, in computing overtime, night shift differential pay, 13th month pay and retirement pay, the P404.00 shall be used and not the P426.00.”

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