Why Emotional Intelligence Tests are Important in the Workplace

Companies set aside budgets for quality recruitment and selection of employees, recognizing the crucial role of human resources in the performance and efficiency of an organization. Non cognitive abilities such as empathy and sociability, rather than IQ, determine future success.  Thus, emotional IQ tests are necessary for purposes of screening quality workers.

Studies conducted by psychologists which included IQ scores, non cognitive skills and the outcomes of research subjects suggest that emotional intelligence of EQ does affect the health of business.  In particular psychologists found that social and emotional abilities of subjects measured at a young age were linked to varying degrees of professional success and prestige at a later age.   Eventually, the concept of intelligence which was limited to cognitive functions such as memory and problem solving, was adjusted to include non cognitive abilities or emotional intelligence.

What is emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence refers to a person’s ability to monitor and identify his own feelings and the feelings of others, and to use this information to guide his thoughts and actions.

In the workplace, EQ manifests as:

Learned optimism: This is how people make causal attributions people when dealing with failure or setbacks.  Optimists tend to make specific, temporary, external causal attributions while pessimists make global, permanent, and internal attributions.  A study of sales persons who did not pass the regular screening of recruits but who scored high on optimism produced better sales than the pessimists.  In another study, optimism test scores in students were directly proportional to their actual grades.

Stress management:  Stress is inevitable at work. However, the ability to manage feelings and handle stress, which includes knowing when and how to express emotion, determines success.

Empathy:  This refers to the ability to identify emotions in others.   This works well in handling social as well as work relationships.

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