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Department of Labor’s 2014 Handbook on Workers’ Statutory Monetary Benefits

From the Department of Labor and Employment

“The Handbook on Workers’ Statutory Monetary Benefits provides a comprehensive outline of minimum legal requirements and mandatory monetary and non-monetary benefits workers are entitled to receive under the Labor Code and other existing laws”. The 2014 version was recently released. Click on this link to view or download a PDF copy of the Q and A version of this handbook.


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HR Forms, Notices and Contracts Vol. 2 by Attys. Villanueva and Florido

IT is not everyday that a lawyer is beside HR personnel to advise them on legal matters.  HR Forms, Notices & Contracts Vol. 2 by Villanueva and Florido In most cases, the HR staff or practitioner must make timely decisions on their own. In many cases, the wrong procedure or poorly written notice to an employee becomes the basis of a labor case. Labor cases are won or lost depending primarily on how those who implement employee relations policies do their jobs. Without the basic knowledge on employment laws, this part of HR function can spell disaster for the company whether for wrongful suspension or termination.

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HR Notices and Forms Volume 2 is Now Available

This book contains sample forms and notices  such as the notice to explain or show-cause memo, notice of hearing/conference and the final notice of dismissal for various offenses/violations and includes:

• termination of union officers for knowingly participating in an illegal strike;

• termination of members for knowingly participating in the commission of illegal acts in a strike;

• Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA);

• Code of Conduct; and

• Employee Handbook.
Available in National Book Store and Fully Booked outlets. For orders outside Metro Manila, contact for delivery.

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Effect of Positive Psychology on Business Success

The traditional approach in human resource development tends to focus on employee skills and competencies in order to improve performance and productivity.  Ordinarily, managers evaluate a worker’s skills and set out to improve his weaknesses hoping to turn them around.  A new approach, though somewhat unpopular in large business organizations that hand out clear cut job descriptions, is to identify and develop a person’s strengths while managing weaknesses using positive psychology.

Positive psychology is based on the idea that a satisfied and fulfilled workforce promotes the best interests of any business organization. Its proponents believe that the key to business success lies in promoting peaceful and mutually satisfying relationships between the organization and its people.

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Minimum Wage Updates

Wages or salaries are the amounts workers or employees receive as compensation from employers for the work they regularly perform.  While business owners and workers are allowed to agree on specific amounts as salaries, these must not be lower than the minimum wage set by the Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Boards (RTWPBs).


What are wage orders?


Minimum wages vary depending on the industry and location (region) of the business.  Regional Wage Orders specify:


-        the daily minimum wage rates and

-        exemptions from compliance


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New! “44 Rules on Employment Transfer and Demotion” by Villanueva and Florido

Sales are the lifeblood of businesses, big and small.  Thus, employee performance and the management of human resources is vital in business.

Call centers, pharmaceutical companies and manufacturing enterprises often review sales performance of employees against quotas and other performance standards.  The usual problem arises when an employee fails to meet these standards yet management still feels that it’s possible to retain an employee by transferring him or her to another position where his or her skills are best suited.

In other instances, companies undergo reorganization in order to streamline operations, reduce costs or change business directions.  In most cases, organizational changes can result in transfers and demotions.

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COLA OF P22.00 must be included in Regular Holiday Pay

Wage Order and Minimum Wage by Atty. Elvin VillanuevaLabor law update by guest author, Atty. Elvin Villanueva

“COLA of P22.00 mandated in the Wage Order No. NCR-16 shall be included in the computation of regular holiday per DOLE Labor Advisory dated July 7, 2011.

Thus, the basic daily wage of P404.00 plus COLA of P22.00 shall be used as basis in computing for the regular holiday pay of covered employees. For example, X works for eight (8) hours on August 30, 2011, a regular holiday (Ramadan), his pay shall be as follows:

Basic Daily Wage: P404.00

COLA: 22.00

Total Hours Worked: 8 hours

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A Ebook Guide on Employee Leave Benefits



Ebook on Leave Benefits


Synopsis:     “Leave Benefits” refer to absences an employee is allowed to take for various reasons, authorized by law.  It is called a benefit because ordinarily, an employee who avails of a leave benefit is entitled to go on leave and still get paid while on a time off.  Otherwise, all other absences may not be paid by the employer under the “No Work, No Pay” policy of labor laws.

The new book on leave benefits by Atty. Elvin B. Villanueva is a compact yet complete guide on Leave Benefits and is available in ebook form, which makes it even easier to read. 

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Ebooks on Night Shift Pay and Overtime Pay and Leave Benefits

LVS Publishing is set to release its latest Ebooks (electronic books in PDF format) on Friday, 03 June 2011.

“Night Shift Pay and Overtime Pay” is a guide that teaches you how to compute night shift and overtime pay while “Leave Benefits” talks about the various types of leave of absence from work which are mandatory in specific cases.  A must have for HR Practitioners, business owners, managers and entrepreneurs. Price of each ebook is Php 397.00.  Order your copies here.

Ebook Guide on Leave Benefits

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