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2014 Philippine Legal Holidays


The Office of the President (Republic of the Philippines) has released the list of national holidays for 2014. Image source: official gazette website.


Philippine Legal Holidays for 2014

Philippine legal holidays for 2014. Source: Official Gazette website 

















January 31, 2014, Friday – Chinese New Year (Special non-working day)

February 25, 2014, Tuesday – EDSA Revolution anniversary (Holiday for all schools)

April 9, 2014, Wednesday – Araw ng Kagitingan (Regular Holiday)

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Effect of Positive Psychology on Business Success

The traditional approach in human resource development tends to focus on employee skills and competencies in order to improve performance and productivity.  Ordinarily, managers evaluate a worker’s skills and set out to improve his weaknesses hoping to turn them around.  A new approach, though somewhat unpopular in large business organizations that hand out clear cut job descriptions, is to identify and develop a person’s strengths while managing weaknesses using positive psychology.

Positive psychology is based on the idea that a satisfied and fulfilled workforce promotes the best interests of any business organization. Its proponents believe that the key to business success lies in promoting peaceful and mutually satisfying relationships between the organization and its people.

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New Minimum Wage Rates





Plantation Non-Plantation
NCR P 426.00 P 389.00 P 389.00
CAR 255.00 – 272.00 238.00 – 254.00 238.00 – 254.00
I 228.00 – 248.00 228.00 200.00
II 237.00 – 245.00 225.00 – 233.00 225.00 – 233.00
III 279.00 – 330.00 264.00 – 300.00 244.00 – 284.00
IV-A 253.00 – 337.00 233.00 – 312.00 213.00 – 292.00
IV-B 252.00 – 264.00 210.00 – 219.00 190.00 – 199.00
V 204.00 – 247.00 215.00 – 225.00 195.00 – 205.00
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Why Emotional Intelligence Tests are Important in the Workplace

Companies set aside budgets for quality recruitment and selection of employees, recognizing the crucial role of human resources in the performance and efficiency of an organization. Non cognitive abilities such as empathy and sociability, rather than IQ, determine future success.  Thus, emotional IQ tests are necessary for purposes of screening quality workers.

Studies conducted by psychologists which included IQ scores, non cognitive skills and the outcomes of research subjects suggest that emotional intelligence of EQ does affect the health of business.  In particular psychologists found that social and emotional abilities of subjects measured at a young age were linked to varying degrees of professional success and prestige at a later age.   Eventually, the concept of intelligence which was limited to cognitive functions such as memory and problem solving, was adjusted to include non cognitive abilities or emotional intelligence.

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What You Need to Know About 13th Month Pay

When the last quarter or ‘-ber’ months of the year roll in, thoughts of 13th month pay enter the minds of both employers and employees.  This mandatory payment under a specific law (PD851) generally covers all rank and file employees who have worked for at least one (1) month during the calendar year.  (A calendar year is the period starting from January to December).

Who are not covered

Generally, all employers must pay their rank and file employees 13th month pay (under PD 851), except the following:

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